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Thermos Flask

Presenting corporate gifts to the employees, customers and other stack holders is a tradition and common practice of small and large business and corporate agencies. There are many purposes to give these gifts like:

  • Expressing appreciation to employees for their hard work
  • Commitment with clients for their loyalty
  • Promotion of a business or a brand

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to introduce an incentive system for employees and loyal clients. While presenting corporate gifts to employees and clients, it’s essential to respect the recipients’ preferences. That is the reason thermos bottles have always been popular among clients of premium gift suppliers in Malaysia. The flasks and bottles are aesthetically best fit for the workplace due to their sleek appearance.

JR Premium Sdn Bhd is a reputed name of Malaysia popular for our high-quality business gifts. We offer an exclusive variety of drink wares, including thermos flasks. You can get customized flasks and bottles in a variety of color options, sizes, and designs with your company’s name or logo. These printed flasks serve to extend your brand’s reach outside the office.

 Thermos Bottle

These bottles are thermally insulated and perfect for controlling the temperature impact on inner drink. Aside from the aesthetic fitness and attraction of these thermos bottles, they serve as a practical marketing product. Most of the people carry these thermally insulated bottles with them on their way to their office. Our wide range of Thermal insulation bottles is stunning since they are made of high-quality stainless steel and have excellent designs. We give you the facility to choose from laser engraving or digital printing of your logo, design on the stainless outer wall of a thermos, which is safe to use as a food-grade water bottle and drinkware.


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